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Responding to unfair chargeback

Responding to charge inquiries is never easy and is always time consuming, sometimes it seems like you will never be able to get anything from the effort, but companies that put effort into dealing with their chargeback usually get a big chunk of it refunded back. Quiet often a client may request a chargeback because he was confused


A practice often dismissed by many hosting companies is the billing client/packages comparison. Every month many staff are left on the server without being charged. Especially where it comes to the first cleanup we find so many hidden clients that got away without paying for a long time and we believe you can drastically improve your revenue. At the end of the day, the worst case scenario is that you will have much cleaner servers with less load on them, which saves you money in the long run

Keeping your company at the edge of technology with new product that will separate you from the competition

Because of our extensive experience in the industry, we take pride in knowing the hosting industry inside out. We visit every single European and American conference and are introduced to some of the most fascinating technologies on the market, even if they are still not known. Keeping your hosting company at the edge gives you a major competitive advantage, it also gives the opportunity to build a premium package which can upgrade many of your clients and increase your revenue

Added Services

Why stop at just premium packages? How about introducing new related services such as marketing materials, shopping cart and much more. Everything to make the site pure success. Of course all this is done in a manner where client would not feel spammed.

Continuous communication with the client by both phone and email

This is where we bring it all together, one of the most neglected tasks by most hosting companies, is actually maintaining a close relationship with your clients. Even if they pay you only $5 or $7/month there is so much more you can get out of them if they are happy. In order to solve Chargeback issues, to fix billing problems, and of course most important to get your clients to upgrade or buy new services, you need to talk to your clients. At Empire Consult our staffs are trained in the hosting industry and will call each and every client on a monthly basis, inquiring about their needs, feedbacks and introducing them to new products

Maximize your marketing budget

Too much money is wasted in the wrong place, using analysis tools we will visit your site on a daily basis and check if your advertisement is focused on the right area

Monetize your domains

So you and your clients have thousands of domains that are sitting and doing nothing we monetize it for you and make additional revenue for your company.


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