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Become a dominant viral product to million of users

Benefit from vast internal relationships

Evolve your product to target the hosting industry and other internet markets

With 200 million hosted sites and 5 million servers, the hosting industry has become one of the, if not the, fastest growing industry on the net. No other industry can benefit from this huge exposure and influence like the software companies can.

As shown by some of the leading control panel, backup and Virtualization technologies, once you are “in” you’re in for big. How to become " the in player” is where the real challenge comes.

Sharon Koifman and his team have been involved in the hosting industry and internet marketing for the past five years, focusing mostly on innovating and evolving our market, this is done by creating demand.

One of the key activities is to help software companies innovate and market their product to the hosting industry and other related internet markets so you become a dominant viral product to million of users.


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