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About Empire Consulting

Empire Consultant is a company focused on Optimizing Web Hosting operations. We carry a strong philosophy that with the right strategy and focus every company can drastically increase their profits with almost no investment on their part. Our main target market is between half a million to 20 million dollars in revenue, although we are flexible enough to work outside these borders. Let’s us become your partners in success

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About The President

Sharon Koifman is a veteran of the hosting industry and active participant of the community. If you ever come to any event you will most likely recognize him immediately for his consistent strive to make new friends and new relationships. For the past 5 years he ran Empire Host and grew it to more than 3000 clients. These days he is the marketing manager for Applicure, a security firewall application company focusing on the hosting industry and also a consultant for few a hosting industries including Openface and Hypertech.


From Hoster to Consultant

Building a web hosting company is extremely challenging especially where it comes to budget hosting where there is a struggle to provide a top service at an affordable price. Unfortunately the consistent growth has consumed all my time and prevented me from focusing on my true strength: business development and marketing. While traveling through many hosting events and conferences I have befriended many owners and managers of hosting companies that have had the same challenge. In our exhausting 24/7 business people just do not seem to have the time nor the creative energy, to take on extra activities even if it does mean extra revenue and a more functional company. This knowledge has motivated me to drastically change the Focus of my company from web hosting to Consultant Company